Basic C Program to Find the Sum of Two Numbers

 C Programming is one of the most important Programming Languages for Beginner Coders.

Here is the code to which : Finds the Sum of Two Given Numbers in C Programming.

How Computer Animation Works

 In traditional frame-by-frame animation, the illusion of motion is created by filming a sequence of hand-painted cels and then playing the images back at high speeds, typically 14 to 30 frames per second. In computer animation, the art is created using computer programs, frame by frame, and then recorded, edited, and played back. 

Another computer animation technique is real-time animation, in which the frames are created using a computer and then immediately displayed on a computer monitor. This technique eliminates the interim step of digitally recording the images; however, real-time animation currently does not produce high quality or richly detailed results. It is best suited for creating simple animations for video games.

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computer is modern concept in computer science. Cloud Computing refers to the delivery of Computing Services like Storage, Databases, Networking, Software, Analytics and Intelligence over the Internet. Cloud Computing makes computing services cheaper and more affordable to use for business organizations.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Azure is a Cloud Service developed by Microsoft which offers a wide range of IT Services like Web Hosting, Virtual Machines, Remote Storage, Database Hosting, Centralized Account Management, AI, ML, IoT, etc.

Types of Programming Languages

Programming languages can be classified as either low-level languages or high-level languages. Low-level programming languages, or machine languages, are the most basic type of programming languages and can be understood directly by a computer. Machine languages differ depending on the manufacturer and model of computer. High-level languages are programming languages that must first be translated into a machine language before they can be understood and processed by a computer. Examples of high-level languages are C, C++, PASCAL, and Fortran. Assembly languages are intermediate languages that are very close to machine language and do not have the level of linguistic sophistication exhibited by other high-level languages, but must still be translated into machine language.

A Brief Introduction to HTML

 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in computer science, the standard text-formatting language since 1989 for documents on the interconnected computing network known as the World Wide Web. HTML documents are text files that contain two parts: content that is meant to be rendered on a computer screen; and markup or tags, encoded information that directs the text format on the screen and is generally hidden from the user. HTML is a subset of a broader language called Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which is a system for encoding and formatting documents, whether for output to a computer screen or to paper.

How to Resolve Wmpshare Exe Application Error in Windows 10

How to Resolve Wmpshare Exe Application Error in Windows 10

How to Resolve Wmpshare Exe Application Error in Windows 10
There are many executable files running in our PC. A single application codes is broken into processes which further executed sequentially. They are either dependent or independent. Dependent means a process requires another apps process for its completion. Independent means a process do not require another apps process for its completion. In this guide, we get to know about an executable file which is a supportable file for Window Media Player. Sometimes, this WmpShare.exe file do not respond and hence system shows error. Read the article on how to Resolve Wmpshare Exe Application Error in Windows 10. 

Automata Theory