How to Solve Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

How to Solve Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps
Today, we use Computer and other peripheral like Printer, Speaker, Scanner, etc. as a whole for our Work. In offices and workstations, we see computers with many connected peripherals. In many shops and offices, we see Printers connected with Computers. Read the full article as How to Solve Printers Error code 0x803C010B. 
Printers are used for Printing Images, Photos, Texts in A4 size papers and other formats. In this article we deal with a new problem related to printers showing errors. There are many printers available in the market like Brother, HP, Dell etc. The same error code is generally seen with all different printer available in the market.

Reasons Why do Printer Error Code 0x803C010B normally seen?

a.      When printer is connected to a network via wired or wireless connection due to the SNMP protocol. The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is the protocol that manages the devices over the web and supplies the information status for the printers.
b.      Printer Error 0x803C010B appear on the device, when the users are not able to perform the operations of printing, faxing, scanning, and copying the documents.
c.       The firmware of the device is old. Keep it up to date.
d.      Encounters an error while a large document is being printed.
e.      The printer is constantly turned on or off.
f.        Printing any page from a dangerous or unauthorized link.
g.      Illegal interaction with the spooler between the printers.

Troubleshooters to Solve Printer Error code 0x803C010B in simple steps

Disable the SNMP Protocol Status

a.      Go to Start Menu and Search for Control Panel option.
b.      Control Panel is placed from the right panel of the Start Menu.
c.       The Same can be done with the Shortcut Keys i.e. Win Key + Q
d.      In the Search bar, Type Printers and click on it.
Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

e.      We need to open Devices and Printers from the Selection.
f.        Now navigate to Printer which is installed with the PC.
g.      Right click on it and Select Printer Properties.
Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

h.      In Printer Properties Window, Switch to Ports tab.
i.        Tick mark on “Standard TCP/IP Port” option below.
Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

j.        After tick mark click on “Configure Port...
       In the next Window of Port Settings. Switch to LPR Settings Tab.
            Uncheck the option says “SNMP Status Enabled” below.
Printer Error Code 0x803C010B In Simple Steps

       Click on OK then Apply followed by OK lastly.
n.      Check if problem is solved else go for next step.

Reinstall the Printer Driver installed in your PC

a.      Go to Control Panel and Search for “Hardware and Sound”.
b.      Now Select the Options “Devices and Printers”.
c.       Navigate to Printer which is installed with your PC.
d.      Right click on it and select the option “Remove Device”.
e.      Press yes to start with confirmation.
f.        Now we will see that the Printer Installed was removed.
g.      Then Unplug the printer device and restart the Window.
h.      Again, plug in the concerned Printer successfully.
i.        Reinstall the Printer driver again and restart the PC.
j.        Check that the printer driver is installed successfully.
k.       Finally check if problem is solved.

Take Technical Support from Concerned Company Printers

The technical support can be done with two different process are On-call and On live chat. A real certified technician is doing the job successfully.

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