Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10
Today, Bluetooth is the essential tool to connect Keyboards, Phones, Speakers and other with one another. Manufacturer design their products keeping in mind the use of Bluetooth. Let us check out your PC for Bluetooth inbuilt in it or not. Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10If Bluetooth is not present in your PC, just purchase a new one and plug on USB jack.

Bluetooth is the best wireless technology after Wi-Fi. Today, Smartphones are paired with Bluetooth speakers for playing music and videos. Keyboard and mouse are connected with PC via Bluetooth mechanism.Sometimes Bluetooth works silly and pairing problem are seen on PCs and other devices. We need to troubleshoot the problem residing in the Bluetooth technology (either PC or another electronic device). In this article, we encounter problem related to Bluetooth and its mechanism. We deal on all issues related with Bluetooth technology. There are few troubleshooting methods which must be considered when Bluetooth is not working in Windows 10.

Procedure to Solve Bluetooth Pairing Problems Not working in Windows 10

1. Ensure that PC has Bluetooth Installed on it

Check out the PC for Bluetooth hardware installed inside it or not. This can be checked by Bluetooth icon present on Laptops or Bluetooth device plugged inside the CPU of your PC. You can check product specification manual for presence of Bluetooth device installed. Sign of Bluetooth logo on manual states the presence of Bluetooth in your PC or Laptops. If no Bluetooth found then purchase a cheap Bluetooth adaptor from market and plugged in.

       2.       Check if Bluetooth device is enabled

By default, Bluetooth is not enabled on our PCs or laptops. We need to enable it using correct procedure. In Windows 10, presence of Bluetooth can be easily detected by clicking the notification icon on lower right section of the taskbar.  To enable the Bluetooth device on Windows 10 open Action Center. Press Windows key + A to open Action Center. Check out the Bluetooth icon present on it. You must ensure that the Bluetooth tile is highlighted and turned on. If you don’t see the Bluetooth icon on action center, then click on Expand.

Alternatively, Press Windows Key + I to open Settings. Click on Devices then Bluetooth & other devices. 
Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

Lastly toggle the Bluetooth mode to ON. If you don’t find a Bluetooth and Window is asking to add a Bluetooth device then click on + icon to add a new one. 

3.      Check out the Bluetooth Support Service Status

Bluetooth Support service ensure that the Bluetooth service supports discovery and association of remote Bluetooth devices. We need to check out the service, it is running or not. Press Windows Key + R to open Run command. Type the text services.msc on it and enter.
Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

 Navigate below and search for Bluetooth Support Service. When found double click on it and check the Service Status (Running or Stopped). If it is showing Stopped, click on Start button just below it.
Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

4     4.      Solve the System Discoverable related issues

Sometimes, Bluetooth is enabled from both side but do not discoverable by other Bluetooth device. Press Windows Key + I and open Devices followed by Bluetooth Options. Must ensure that “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC” is checked. Finally apply the Settings by pressing OK.
Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

       5.       Adjust the position of both Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth has a defined range under which they ensure transmission of data. It has a limited range and value varies according to environment. You can estimate range upto 10 meters. We advise elimination of physical barriers like surface wall and other obstacles. We must ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON and fully charged (if plugged in). Ensure close range between the devices for better transfer of signals.

       6.       Paired Devices must be disabled occasionally

Sometimes, when we want to establish a new pairing but got dismissed due to interference with the already paired devices. So, in this case disable the already paired device and establish the new one first. To disable them, Press Window Key + I to open Settings > Devices > Bluetooth device > Click on Remove device > Press Yes.

       7.       Check for latest Windows Update

Sometimes all above settings are OK but Bluetooth does not pair successfully. In such case Windows update is the lead role. We need to finish up the suspended Windows update soon. Update the Windows 10 and check if problem is solved. It must be solved.

       8.       Update the Device Driver

Updating the device driver will solve any outdated software issue. This is seen when Windows update are done in real time. To check the driver, update just press Windows Key + X and click on Device Manager. Now, expand the Bluetooth and right click the adapter.  
Bluetooth Pairing Problem Not Working in Windows 10

Finally click on Update driver followed by “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

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