Settings to Improve Battery Timing While Watching Videos in Windows 10

Watching Movies or Videos is Compulsory on Computer. We love to watch our favourite movies or clips released recently. There are many other video clips available online such as Jokes, News, Advertisement, Games, Cartoons etc. Read the article for Settings to improve battery timing while watching videos in Windows 10.  We use many types of Video Player installed in our system to view video clips like VLC, Window Media Player, Cyber DVD Player etc. Playing videos in power mode does not affect battery connected to it. But when Power is not available, Battery becomes the primary source of Power to the Computer.

When Videos are played, battery lasts for a short time. But in case of text and pictures, battery lasts for a longer duration. But our motive is to increase the battery timing when movies or videos are played. When you feel that battery timing is reduced in watching videos or movies, then you can refer to settings available with Windows OS. Battery life is now regulated with the Operating System running on the Computer. There are few settings which must be done to improve battery life incredibly. The Step by Step procedure with pictorial representation are given below. The unique procedure to increase battery life by reducing Screen brightness, turning on Battery Saver, by Power Options or via Settings.

Enhance Battery life by Reducing Screen Brightness

Reducing the brightness of the screen of the laptop would surely increase battery performance. Though LED are spread all over the laptop screen and adjusting the brightness would minimize the voltage given to the LED. As a result, less value of energy is extracted from the battery terminals. This input LED voltage are regulated easily by program installed in our Operating system. Adjust the brightness of the screen such that videos are clearly visible. You can adjust the brightness by hot keys available on keyboard. You can also adjust brightness using Notification Icon present on right lower section of the Taskbar. Go to Notification Icon and then click on Brightness (Set value from 0% to 100%). Alternatively, Go to Search bar and type Display. On Display Window adjust the brightness level.

Enhance Battery Life using System Settings

Again, this is the best option to improve battery performance while playing Videos or Movies. Go to Search bar and type Settings. On Settings Window click on System. Click on Battery panel present on left section of the Window. Now Scroll on right side and click on “Change battery Settings for playing video”. 

In Video Playback Settings Window, scroll down to Battery Options and select “Optimize for battery life”. You can tick mark on “I prefer video to play at a lower resolution when on battery” to improve more performance.

Enhance Battery Life by Turning on Battery Saver

This is the built-in feature added in our Windows OS to extend battery life to greater extent. Battery saver will temporarily limit the background activities and push notification. The Battery Saver mode is automatically activated when battery level drops to 20%. We suggest our users to turn on the battery saver while watching movies or long videos.
Navigate to right section of the Taskbar and click on Battery Icon. As a result, a pop-up Window will open where Battery saver option is available. Just click on Battery Saver. 

As a result, a green icon will appear on the battery icon in the system tray. You can also switch off Wifi & Bluetooth, Kill Web Browser and other running applications while playing Videos.

Enhance Battery Life by Power Options

This is the next best step to optimize battery level while playing videos or movies on Windows PC. Right click on Power Icon in the right section of the Taskbar. Click on Power Options. 

Click on “Change Plan Settings” available below Selected plan. 

Now click on “Change Advanced Power Settings”. Navigate to Multimedia Settings. Click on +Sign for Multimedia Settings. As a result, three more options are seen. You need to click on +sign for “Video Playback Quality Bias”. 

It contains two options i.e. ON Battery and Plugged In. Navigate to ON battery and click on one of the options suitable for you. Finally click on Apply then OK. Read the full article to know Settings to Improve Battery Timing While Watching Videos in Windows 10.

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