Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How

Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How

How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones is growing tremendously around the world. Almost every type of soft work is done through mobile phones. Such as Calling (Voice & Video), Internet Browsing, Chatting, Applications, GPS monitoring, Tracking, etc. Mobile phones are really an essential part of our life. Read the article Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How carefully. We can’t imagine a world without mobile phones due to too much dependency on it. Really every person has a Smartphone today either older or newer one.

Smartphones have features making it different from each other. Companies embed a newer version day by day making it awesome. But buying a newer one all the time is some way not possible. So, in this article we talk about few settings and adjustments to be done to make an older mobile run smooth like a newer one. We are going to learn the process how to increase the speed of an older mobile phone.

A mobile phone must respond smooth with every tap. No need to wait for even a second it the real question. At any cost you did not purchase a new one. You need to follow few tips before going to take such a step. We look at every configuration like hardware or software embedded by the company on mobile phones. There are some techniques or tips which help you speed up your old mobile capacity and work.

Tips to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How?

1.       Install a new light Home Screen Launcher

A launcher should contain features like it brings noticeable speed increase upon installing. It also has options to boost up speed even further. It must acquire less system space compared to other heavy Launchers. Lower down the number of apps icon on home screen which are used occasionally. Bringing lots of icons and widgets on home screen take up lots of memory. You must choose a Launcher which contain a smaller number of home screens.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

2.       Uninstall all Misbehaving Applications

You must ignore such types of applications which are using too much CPU on background. It is seen that apps are consuming CPU all the time even it is not in use. You must keep track those apps which are showing such experience. After finding the misbehaving apps uninstall it and install an alternative.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

3.       Move or Uninstall Apps to Free up Spaces

We love to install a new app and check out the features. But you need to check out those apps which are not in use or kept for long time. They are just installed and occupy the phone memory. So, if they are really important then move them to SD Card to empty phone memory else Uninstall would be better option. Moving apps to SD card is the best choice now a days.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

4.       Install a Custom ROM (Read Only Memory)

If there is any option to use another custom ROM in your mobile then go for a suitable one. Lots of phone are still stuck with the older version such as 2.0 or earlier. You need to check out newer version available from your phone settings. Download & Install newer version with proper internet connectivity.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

5.       Clear your Cache data occupying Cache memory

Cache data are useful for speed up the performance of concern app only. But if cache is occupying too much space then it will hurt the Phone speed. Today almost every apps occupy space for Cache data. So, check out those cache data which are worthless and can be removed easily. Hence go to Settings, then Storage, then Cache data Settings, then empty cache memory.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How

6.       Disable Animated Wallpapers or Reduce motion

Animated Wallpapers also slow down mobile speed due to more CPU usage. As a result, running of apps looks like stop motion video. Such apps or wallpaper require more processing power. So, we must uninstall such types of Wallpaper or apps which reduce phone speed. You may also turn off animation. Just go to settings, then click on Developer option, then Window animation scale and then select Animation off. This will Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones How. 
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

Your phone has to be in developer mode to disable animations. To do so, go to “Settings,” then “About Phone.” Find “Build Number” and continuously tap the option until you’re granted “Developer Mode.” Go back to “Settings” and “Developer Options” to find “Window Animation Scale,” “Transition Animation Scale,” and “Animator Duration Scale.” Set all three options to “Off.”

7.       Enable Data Saver mode

Enabling the ‘Data Saver’ option in the Chrome browser will also help you surf without waiting much as it compresses the page, using less data and loading pages faster.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

8.       Update your Phone’s Operating System

Sometimes updating the Operating system of your phone is beneficial. Having the latest version of iOS or Android on your phone is the best way to ensure it works at its zippiest. Just make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and backed up before you update your phone’s software, and make sure that your phone can handle it. Just go to Settings, then About Phone, then System Updates or Software Updates.

9.       Automatically delete messages after 30 days

It is good to delete unnecessary messages or notification after every 30 days. This can be done either automatically or manually. Just install an app which will automatically delete all unused messages in your phone with or without notification.

10.   Continue a full reset or factory reset after every 6 months

Factory reset or full reset make your phone really a new one. All installed application is removed along with spaces occupied by them. Doing it also removes viruses rooted in your phone. After successful reset install only such applications that are used currently. Go to “Settings,” then “Backup and Reset,” and tap “Factory Data Reset.” Tap “Reset Phone” and confirm with your password. Finally, tap “Erase Everything” and your Android device will reboot to the condition.
How to Increase Performance Speed of Older Mobile Phones

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