Use Android Smartphone as a Webcam

use Android Smartphone as a Webcam

Nearly everyone has Smartphone today. The use of Smartphone is increasing day by day. Smartphone are extensively used for purposes like Calling (Voice & Video), Internet Browsing, GPS location tracing, MSN, Skype, Google+ hangout etc. But Smartphones have capability more than our expectation. Now a days Smartphones are used as a Web camera for streaming videos on PCs. Most of us don’t know how to use android Smartphone as a Webcam. In this article, we will define the whole process about using Smartphone as a Web Camera.

Read the full article carefully to know how to use Android Smartphone as a Webcam. The quality resembles the original one purchased from market. So, you are not required to purchase a new one from the market. The Webcam streaming of Smartphone can be done using Wi-Fi or USB mode. We will read each of them sequentially.

For Android Phone Webcam Streaming, things should be there – Smartphone having Wi-Fi Capability, USB Cable, Free IP Webcam/ DroidCam App, PC (Windows or Linux Installed). How to Use an Android Phone as a Webcam for PC [Windows & Linux].

For most people a video call such as MSN or Skype, Google+ hangout or a video chat is something occasional. And when you want to start one, you need a webcam. But why spend money for a separate webcam when you can easily use your android phone's camera as a webcam. The process involves streaming video from your phone to a particular port on your PC and having a PC driver software capture it and provide it as webcam video to any application that needs webcam access.

How to use Android Smartphone as a Webcam using Wi-Fi mode?

      1. Connect both PC and Android Smartphone to the same network via Wi-Fi connectivity
      2. Establish connection for PC & Smartphone Using Wireless Router or Virtual Router or Shared Wi-Fi Network. The best way to start HotSpot & Internet Connectivity of the Smartphone. Connect the PC using same HotSpot network. Or Use Xender to connect with the PC.
Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

      3. Go to Play Store and install IP Webcam app. After installing set the required settings such as Port, Sound, Video Quality, Interface, etc. After Setting up navigate below and Click on “Start Server”.
Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

     4. IP Webcam will now open your camera and start streaming the video to a particular IP address and port. 
Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

     5. Click on the "How do I connect" button appearing on the top left and choose "I'm using Wi-fi router" to get this IP address and port (like 
Android Smartphone as a Webcam on Streaming on PC

     6. Enter the same address in the URL of Web browser of PC. Press Enter. Now you will get a link in which you can use smartphone as webcam. 
Android Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

     7. The link suitable for Windows PC would be – “Connect to PC for use with Skype and other videochats on Windows”. 
     8. Click on the link to download concern driver suitable for video streaming. 
Android Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

How to use Android Smartphone as a Webcam using USB mode?

Similarly, If you don’t want to use Android as Webcam using Wi-Fi, you can get this using USB debugging mode. You can use your android as Webcam even without Wi-Fi by connecting it to your PC via USB. But doing this requires extra work because android can communicate with PC via USB only through debugging mode. 

    1. Connect the Smartphone to PC using USB cable. 
    2. Download App – DroidCam using Play Store, install it and save in your smartphone.          3. Open the application and then it will show “Starting Server… IP: Port: 4748” message. 
Android Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

    4. Download and install the client application from Dev47Apps. 
Android Smartphone as a Webcam Streaming on PC

    5. Now, Start DroidCam Client and choose USB option or button. 
    6. Configure the video settings of your video call application to use “DriodCam” driver. 
    7. Start using Smartphone Web Camera streaming videos 

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