How to Resolve Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

How to Resolve Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC
Whenever you want to open any website you get Internet disconnected error message, why? The base problem preventing you visiting a website would be different. The same problem is seen on various reputed browsers such as Firefox, UC Browser, Internet Explorer, etc. Keep reading this guide to know how to resolve internet disconnected error in Windows PC. The troubleshooting article is appropriate not only for Windows Users but for others.

If you are annoyed of getting this internet disconnected message then this article is best for you. You get rid of internet disconnected error simply by following the procedures below. We have added few related screenshots to make things easier and looks interactive. All procedures can be easily followed. You don’t need to be a computer expert to follow it.

Procedure to resolve Internet disconnected error in Windows PC

Solution 1: Change the Internet Options Immediately

For better security or privacy, we use proxy internet connectivity. But sometimes this proxy internet settings gets violated and behaves differently. So, we need to disable the proxy settings soon.
Step 1: Press Windows Key + I to open Settings Windows. You can also open Settings through Start menu or Search bar. When Settings Window is open, navigate to Network & Internet and double click on it.
Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Step 2: Scroll down to Proxy available at the left bottom of the panel. Make sure that “Automatically detect settings” is toggled to Off. Finally save the changes. 
Restart the Computer and open browser. Check if it is working or not. If It is working then ok else proceed below. If you are more concern about privacy this time, you can use VPN Service.

Solution 2: Disable or Remove Antivirus or Firewall temporarily

Antivirus or Firewall is a direct interfere object with the Internet connectivity. You disable both of them one by one. If disabling does not work, kindly uninstall the Antivirus. If problem is fixed after removing the antivirus or firewall software then reinstall it again. You can use another reliable antivirus in this case.

Sometimes, Firewall acts differently and block connectivity process. It may be possible due to corruption of regular files of Firewall. There are lots of conflicts between Third-Party Security Agent and Windows Defender which results in Error. So, disable the Firewall temporarily and restart the PC. Check if problem is solved.

Step 1: Go to Search bar and type Firewall. Click on Firewall and Network Protection option. When Windows Defender Security Center is opened.
Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Step 2: Look at the right side of the Window. You will notice Domain, Public and Private network here. Turn-off all the three Network Firewall.

Step 3: After turning off all the three Firewall, try to connect to network. We hope it will work for you.

Solution 3: Update the Network Adapter

The problems are also observed when network adapter driver is not synchronizing with your OS. This may be corrupted or not completely installed. So, you need to update the network adapter again.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + X to open User Menu. Navigate to Device Manager and click on it. When Manager page is open, scroll down to Network Adapter and unwrap it. Right click on Driver in use. Select on Uninstall device.
Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Step 2: When uninstall is complete, restart the Computer. The driver will automatically get downloaded. If this not works, right click to select properties.

Step 3: When properties Windows is open, switch to Driver tab. Scroll below to Update and click on it. Follow the wizard ask to do. When all done, restart the computer and check if problem is fixed.

Solution 4: Change Credentials of your Wireless network

If you are connected with Wireless Modem, then make sure all hardware ports and cable are connected correctly. If they are connected, move towards the User name and Password you assigned earlier. You can change the credential with new one and then check if problem is solved or not.

Solution 5: Clear Browsing data with Cache

Sometimes, problem resides behind the browser. The browser stores browsing data on its cache memory for good. But when this browsing data occupy the full space it does not let new page to open. So, you need delete browsing data and clear cache memory.

Step 1: Open the new Browser and navigate to three dotted sign on top-right corner of it. Click on it.
Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Step 2: Navigate below to Settings and click on it. When settings page is open, scroll down and click on Advanced. Now click on Clear browsing data.
Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

Step 3: Set the time range to “All Time” and finally click on Clear data. After few seconds the browsing data will be cleared. Restart the computer and see the changes. Hope it will help you.

Solution 6: Ensure that Internet connection is working or not

If you are connected to LAN or Wireless LAN, please make sure that the internet connectivity is available or not. Kindly connect other device such as laptop or smartphone (wireless) and check the internet connection. Read to know How to Resolve Internet Disconnected Error in Windows PC

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