How to Resolve Windows Update Error 0X8024A000 in Simple Steps

How to Resolve Windows Update Error 0X8024A000 in Simple Steps

Windows Update Error 0X8024A000
Windows Update is very necessary for being Up-to-date to latest release in areas such as Scientific Advancement, System Performance, Security Features and Competitive Market Applications. Microsoft releases timely updates which should be downloaded and installed in our PC. Though, it is not wrong in using the latest features or technologies. But sometimes, Windows update may work abnormally and shows error code like 0x8024a000. In this article, we deal with how to resolve Windows update error 0x8024a000 in simple steps.

There may be several reasons in showing an error with the Windows Update. We can predict the appropriate reason. The possible reasons for Windows Update error 0x8024a000 would be file corruption, malicious attack, hardware faults, interruption between host and server, etc. We have suggested few unique troubleshooting which must be followed to fix the Windows Update Error 0x8024a000. We have added related screenshots for better understanding of procedure to our readers.

Procedure to Resolve Windows Update Error 0x8024a000 in simple steps

Solution 1: Run Antivirus Scan Tools

What may be the antivirus you are using, perform Complete Antivirus Scan. This will be helpful in cleansing the infections created by malicious programs, viruses, etc. The Antivirus will find out the real culprit causing the problem. There are lots of Antivirus available in market either offline or online. Please make sure about the antivirus you are using. It must be reliable and have the capability to scan out serious trozen or viruses.
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Go to Start Menu and click on it. Search for the Antivirus running in your PC. Double-Click on the Antivirus Icon. Navigate to the Scan Button anywhere in the application. Before running the Scan, please make sure to set the scanning to full or complete Scan to all drives including OS. Finally, start the complete scan. After few minutes it will throw the culprit before the scanning screen. Follow the steps available there to delete all those culprits permanently. When deletion is performed, restart the computer and see the changes.

Solution 2: Check any fault with Cable, Router or Modem

Microsoft releases timely updates for Window users. These releases require huge amount of Internet data for downloading. At the time of downloading these files, make sure the internet connectivity is best. It means all hardware components participating in Internet connectivity should be perfectly working. Check all hardware such as connection cables, Routers or Modems, ports are working fine.
It must be good to replace the faulty hardware with the new one. It is good to restart the modem or router again before starting the Windows Update. Perform these steps and see the changes. Hope it will work for you!

Solution 3: Perform Cleaning of Windows Update Temporary Cache folder

If the above step does not work, perform cleaning of Windows Update temporary cache folder. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box. Type the command Services.msc and press Enter. As a result, Services window will open. Navigate below and Search for Windows Update. Now, Right-click on Windows Update, and choose Stop.
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Step 2: You are ready to clean the Windows Update temporary cache folder, Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box. Type the Command %windir%SoftwareDistributionDataStore and press Enter. As a result, a File Explorer will open. 

Step 3: Select all the Contents of the folder and press delete button. When done restart the computer and see the changes.

Solution 4: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter is a built-in facility to resolve common problems related to services running on computers. It ensures three types of status: Internet Connectivity, Network Adapter Functionality, and Windows Update Service.

Step 1: Open Settings Page by pressing Windows + I key simultaneously. Navigate to the Update & Security mechanism and click on it.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Troubleshoot. Switch to Right panel of the Troubleshoot page. Search for Windows Update and click on it.
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Step 3: It will provide “Run the troubleshooter” option, click on it run. Finally, the troubleshooter will search all pending restarts, initialize the diagnosis and restart update services.

Solution 5: Run DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) Tool

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box. Type cmd to open Command Prompt window. Type the command >>> DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter. Restart the Computer and see the changes.
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Solution 6: Disable Windows Firewall System

Sometimes, Firewall acts differently and block connectivity process. It may be possible due to corruption of regular files of Firewall. There are lots of conflicts between Third-Party Security Agent and Windows Defender which results in Error. So, disable the Firewall temporarily and restart the PC. Check if problem is solved.

Step 1: Go to Search bar and type Firewall. Click on Firewall and Network Protection option. When Windows Defender Security Center is opened.

Step 2: Look at the right side of the Window. You will notice Domain, Public and Private network here. Turn-off all the three Network Firewall.
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Step 3: After turning off all the three Firewall, try to connect to network. We hope it will work for you.

Solution 7: Perform SFC (System File Corruption)

It will be beneficial in case of file corruption. System files can be corrupt and lead to many installation-related problems. It can be repaired easily by running the SFC scan. Read the method to run SFC (System File Corruption) scan.

Step 1: Go to Search bar and type “Command Prompt” and click on match content. Right click to open Command Prompt (Admin).
Windows Update Error 0X8024A000

Step 2: Type sfc / scannow and press Enter to continue. It will take a few minutes to scan and repair. Once the scan is complete, restart the computer and see the changes.

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